We guarantee emotions, feelings and evasion.
Launched with full power, you will take off slowly towards the skies! The caress of the wind on your skin, the exhilarating sensation of flight will make this single moment an unforgettable experiment!!

You can see the natural beauty of Trou D’eau Douce Beach and surrounding areas with our parasailing adventure.  It features approximately around  3 - 5 minute flight with approximately 800 feet of line deployment, and one free-fall dip!

This package is inclusive of a digital photo by our crew, which proves you really did it!

Parasailing in Trou D’eau Douce is an exhilarating experience.  The scariest part of parasailing is waiting your turn.  Once you are up in the parachute, you’ll feel like you are literally “floating on air.” At Ile Aux Cerfs Watersports, we really make you float on air.

Remember, we:

  Have crew that is trained in all weather conditions to make the right calls

• Provide you with a bird’s eye view of the waters and sea

• Have photo packages available

• Use only licensed crew

• Offer you an unforgettable ride and experience

• Your entire family can enjoy these super-high flights.

• Our take-offs and landings are very gentle.

We fit you with a parasail harness, and you are seated next to your partner on the deck and launched and retrieved with a hydraulic winch system.  Panoramic views and the experience of a lifetime awaits you!

We offer group discounts for 10 or more flyers – a 10% discount!  Must mention this offer to get discount.

We offer a package of high-quality digital photos on an SD card for an extra fee!

Best Seasons:All
Popular Location:Lagoon

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